Eating Disorder Network of Maryland (MD/DC/NOVA) - A nonprofit making a difference              501(c)(3)
How can you help EDN Maryland

 EDN Maryland is very grateful for all donations to help keep our efforts in motion. Monetary, gift  and supply donations are accepted and very much appreciated.
Thank you for your ongoing support!
Items we are in need of:
* Gift cards (e.g., Staples, Office Depot, Sam’s Club, Kinko’s)
    Visa/Mastercard (Keep them coming! Thanks!!)
* General office supplies (e.g., paper, envelopes, printer ink!)
* Promotional items with EDN Maryland logo
* Refreshments for professional workshops
* Stamps and mailing supplies
*Bookshelves for our resource materials (Donated)
* Projector for presentations (Donated!)
Your monetary donations help us with:
* Rental fees for event locations
* Marketing &
* Speaker honorariums
* Office rent & monthly bills
* Travel costs to eating disorder conferences 
and treatment centers
* Printing and copying of paper materials
* Postage
* Presentation supplies for schools, colleges, & the community
Volunteer for EDN Maryland:
volunteer opportunities
There are many ways to help EDN Maryland 
out by volunteering!
**Please fill out our volunteer application and 
send it back to us** 

It's that easy!
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