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Research Studies
for Eating Disorders
Here are some of the research studies focusing on eating disorders.   Remember, it is important that these studies have participants. Please find out how you can help by participating in a study.  The more research that is done on eating disorders means that we will have a better understanding of the disorder so others may be helped! 
Studies can also be a wonderful way to learn more about eating disorders. Remember to review the criteria and all protocols for each study to ensure the study is right for you or your loved one.
*EDN Maryland is not endorsing any of these studies.  We are simply providing the information so that each individual and family may do their own research and decide if participating in a study is the right fit for them.
Please read this article to determine if participating in a research study is the right thing for you:

1. Anorexia Nervosa Outpatient Treatment Study
(Johns Hopkins Medical Institution)
Johns Hopkins researchers are conducting a placebo-controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of a research medication in the treatment of adults with anorexia nervosa. Participants will be offered 16 weeks of medication and weekly outpatient medical monitoring by a psychiatrist.  The treatment will be provided at NO cost.
*Funded by the National Institutes of Health
To be eligable you must:
  • have anorexia nervosa
  • be 18-55 years old
  • be mediaclly stable for outpatient treatment
  • complete assessments throughout the study
For more information call Iryan @410-955-3863 
2. Bulimia Research Study
(Johns Hopkins Medical Institution) 
The Johns Hopkins Eating Disorders Program is seeking women 18-40 years old, medication FREE, with bulimia nervosa interested in a research study funded by the Klarman Family Foundation. The study includes a health assessment, blood testing and pictures of the brain taken using a medical scanner.   Eligible women will be paid up to $400 for their participation and will be offered 6 weeks of outpatient treatment.
Please call (410) 955-3863 for more information.  
View website for more information
To find more research studies nationwide,
 check out NEDA's website:


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