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We're looking for professionals
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Are you a therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, coach, or a clinician practicing in Maryland/DC and offering services to those with an eating disorder? Interested in joining our team of professionals and having your info posted under the "Find a provider" section of this website?  Download the application below and mail it back to us with a check made out to:
 EDN Maryland.


(Valid 11/30/2015-11/29/2016)

To pay online, use the PayPal link:

sole membership
Price: $75.00
Business Level I
2-4 members
Price: $250.00
Buisness Level II
5 plus members
Price: $500.00


Monthly E-Newsletter
EDN Maryland sends out a monthly e-newsletter to over 1500 people.  Our newsletter is full of information to help keep professionals and the general community abreast of what is going on locally and nationally when it comes to eating disorder information.
if you would like to be included in our mailing list.


Organizations for Eating Disorder Professionals 

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Academy for Eating Disorders                      

 Eating Disorder Books for Professionals & Clients

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Looking for a job in the field of eating disorders?
EDJ-logoEating Disorder (EatingDisorderJobs)
Eating Disorder is an organization listing all available jobs in the field of eating disorders across the United States. Programs may also list jobs available on this site for a fee.

ED Hope-new logo
Eating Disorder Hope
EDH has a complete listing of available positions listed on their website under the "For Professionals" section.

Research Articles

Looking for research articles about eating disorders?  
Take a look at the resources below.

Eating Disorder Review.Com

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Eating Disorders Information Gateway
                                   Eating Disorders Info Gateway

The Gateway is a free, publicly-accessible database of citations on eating disorders. The majority of citations are articles from medical journals, but the database also includes books, handouts from non-profit organizations, policy papers, and even poetry and other creative works. New materials are constantly being added to the Gateway, so please check back frequently for new materials.
(This publication is put out by Eating Recovery Center)


Professional Workshops

Continuing Education Events:
*Educational events include: classes about eating disorders, comorbitiy, trauma, different types of therapy, ethics, and general mindfullness trainings. This list also includes local/national conferences and webinars/teleconferences.

adult learning

 Local Events in Maryland

Future Events:

Check back for more info

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